On the Road

In all elements at home

Forwarding logistics is more than the transport of goods. Every good has its own characteristics. That's why we have to constantly redefined and adapted optimal logistics solutions for your products that go beyond transport. In order to find the perfect solution, we have founded specialized subsidiaries and sought out strong partners and brought them together in the S-Group. This makes us at home with our partners in all elements:

with trucks and railways over land, with transport ships over rivers and oceans or with airplanes in Europe and worldwide. In particular, airfreight has changed in recent years. Thus, the terrorist attacks have led to tightening of the provisions. Comprehensive know-how and constant observation of the changing legal situation are indispensable here. Whether in the air, whether on the water or on land: at Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® and your partners in the S-Group® you are in good hands.

Direct Services

Leopold Schäfer GmbH has been the direct service partner of local and national industry for over 70 years.

Modern commercial vehicle equipment transports goods produced in the region within Germany and Europe, and supplies local industry with materials.

A network of German and European partners makes further daily resources available.

Direct service is forwarding of goods by road mostly without reloading, for partial loads and loads, from Point A to Point B.

Hub-and-Spoke Systems

Leopold Schäfer GmbH is an associate of Deutsche Allianz CargoLine GmbH.

The 45 German partners of CargoLine organise standardised and systematised part-load transport on a daily basis in Germany and Europe.

The European network with select partnerships is our basis for the increased development of flows of goods inside the European Union. Leopold Schäfer GmbH takes on EU enlargement with the CargoLine with improved and more frequently system-controlled forwarding in further developing markets.

For German medium-sized enterprises of our branch, CargoLine is the guarantor both in order to be able to undertake more in terms of investments as well as to remain innovative in the Community.

State-of-the-world technologies are thought up, tested and regularly introduced as well as further developed, for example the shipment tracking system CEPRA.