Logistics is what we do.


Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® is a traditional company. Since 1939 we have developed from a local forwarder to an international service provider. We are happy to tell you our story.


From the city Neunkirchen, Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® manages its network of own companies, investment companies and cooperation partners. A modern service provider that meets your needs in every way.


For our customers, we are constantly developing new concepts in order to be prepared for the future. Our corporate philosophy and vision helps us here.

1939 - Founding
Leopold Schäfer GmbH

It all started with Leopold Schäfer transporting oxcart products to the station in the Siegerland Neunkirchen. In 1939 Leopold Schäfer founded his forwarding business. In the war horses and motor vehicles were drafted by the military. After the war, the company was motorized. In 1960, the freight forwarder developed special slanting units, with which the container and soil industry, which is still rooted in Siegerland today, was served.

1987 - Founding
SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH

In 1987, four freight forwarders, who came together from a logistics group, founded the SIS Internationale Speditions GmbH in Siegen for overseas traffic on water, on the road, inland waterways, railroad tracks and in the air. In addition, they also specialized in more complex transports to Middle East and the challenges of paper logistics. In order to be able to offer the customers, in addition to the international transports, the land transports from a single source, they decided at the end of 1990 to buy the Leopold Schäfer GmbH.

1990/1991 - Formation of brand name Schäfer&SIS Interlogistik®

In 1991 SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH moved to Leopold Schäfer GmbH in Neunkirchen. The merger will turn the fresh company into a one-stop-shopping logistics service provider in Neunkirchen / Siegerland. Four years later, the first foreign branch in Kaliningrad, such as representations in the Czech Republic and Poland are founded. 1996 - 1997 Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® joins the Cargoline, the ECON Alliance and the GAP. In the next few years, the foundations will be followed by branches in Estonia (Tallin), Berlin, Hanover, Shanghai, Moscow and Bratislava (Slovakia). Through cooperation with national and international partners, including the CTN and our own offices, we have a worldwide network that enables us to solve your problems anywhere in the world. Our team of more than 450 employees is always available for the professional solution. In addition, there are selected experts who we consult depending on the situation.

Our S-Group®

Beginning in the 90s, further companies were founded in Germany and abroad and affiliated companies were established. That's what the S-Group® brand was all about. Today, the S-Group® encompasses the work of 450 people working for it under the slogan "people with people" and generates around 130 million euros in total sales per year.

Our network:
In the mid-nineties, Leopold Schäfer GmbH became a shareholder in the European general cargo logistics alliance Cargoline .de. Beginning in 2000, our group joined Global Logistics alliances. At every business location in the world we have the necessary expertise in transport, forwarding, warehousing and distribution for the sales and procurement industry.

Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik®
Logistics inter-regional, inter-national and inter-continental. Our oldest customer relationship has been around for almost a century and our longest intercontinental connection has been around for half a century. Our company is owner-managed. Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® focuses on the use of various modes of transport and modes of transport, which are also operated in combination as multimodal transport. The network of the European General Cargo Alliance CargoLine takes care of the storage and distribution of all goods that go out and arrive in the sea or in the air, all over Europe. And also further east to the front and Central Asian countries. Our own truck fleet is extensively supplemented by contractual relationships with other truck transport companies. We manage our own warehouse logistics approx. 24,000 m2 covered storage area with extensive picking activity. We have the expertise since 1939.

Leopold Schäfer GmbH

since 1939 is your contact for national and international land transport, system traffic and warehouse logistics.

SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH

has been your contact for intercontinental transport by air, sea and rail since 1987.

Schäfer SIS Leopold Schäfer Standort Teaserbild Berlin
SIS Logistik GmbH
based in Berlin and Hanover is particularly specialized in land transport to Russia and on exhibition and event logistics.