Forest Products

SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH (Corporate Division Cross Trade) is the organisation of greater goods volumes, which do not exactly “touch” Germany.

For example: Paper in rolls or on pallets from Eastern Russia. Cross Trade organises the movement of goods within the production plants, making the necessary means of transport available, negotiating with railway companies, ship-owning companies and rehandling operations all over the world, and ensuring unhindered unloading at the point of reception.

In the logistics chain of the paper and forest product specialists of the S-Group®, the other companies are integrated, for example, in the Baltic Sea or Hamburg, where the goods from railway, road or ship transportation are accepted, inspected, stored and consigned within Europe or further throughout the world.

The benefits for you: Complex, multi-modal transport projects are dealt with from a single source – this means minimum frictional losses.

Our staff are specialised in the particular countries and usages concerned both linguistically and mentally.

Permanent quality assurance occurs by our own personnel on the spot and at all decisive interfaces within the transport chain.

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