Customs Services

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Europeanisation and globalisation have direct repercussions on your purchasing and distribution. While further progression of Europeanisation will save you a host of customs procedures, globalisation nods at the way in the reverse direction. Globalisation of industry inevitably leads to new challenges with questions relating to customs. By way of example, your customer would like to have the primary material delivered overseas in future? Or you yourself are planning on a foreign branch in a third country with re-orientation of your flows of goods? In such issues, you also have to immediately clarify the questions attendant upon customs clearance.

The S-Group® with their subsidiaries will give you a helping hand in word and deed at the most varied locations in the world.

You need export documents for your deliveries to third countries? You want to import goods from overseas, or you have a question of a general nature concerning customs clearance?

Already today, we generate the complete customs documents for many of our customers. We prepare complex as well as associated customs clearance matters for you, and co-ordinate the various customs formalities with each other already before the shipment proper in order to transport goods to their destination point efficiently and at low a cost as possible.

Our services:

  • Generating the export documents (ABD, EUR.1/A.TR and others)
  • Import procedures (payment of taxes, customs clearance, procedures for active upgrading, repaired and returned goods and others)
  • Import procedures by fiscal representatives for EU-resident importers
  • Consultation for import and export transactions
  • Support in generating applications/questionnaires in customs matters (application for granting an EORI-No., application for cut-price exporter, etc.)

The customs authorities are continually pushing on with technical implementation of networked systems for controlling and monitoring the flow of goods.

We counter constant novelties in technical customs clearing, including introduction of the ATLAS System in 2009, with well trained specialists. We face up to the constantly changing requirements with a high degree of training and advanced training. We offer our customers the possibility to reduce costs and to save on them completely by outsourcing customs formalities to the S-Group®. The large number of customs clearance procedures already managed by us today and the efficient implementation of our software enable us to offer you this service on favourable conditions.

Your benefits:

  • The discontinuation of cost-intensive customs seminars for your staff
  • The discontinuation of costs for your own customs software
  • The savings on the working hours of your staff incurred for generating the documents
  • The concentration of your staff on the core competences of your enterprise

The structure of the customs departments in the individual companies in the S-Group® enables us to offer you generation of any kind of import and export possible, even if your customer picks up the goods him or herself. There is no imperative linkage with transportation to a company in the S-Group® incidental to subsequent document generation, nor is this mandatory – even if desired.

Our experience with cross-border forwarding in co-operation with a large number of partners and agents facilitates our offering you customs transactions throughout the world.

The S-Group® – a strong partner also in questions of customs and customs formalities.