Automotive Logistics

For the S-Group®, understanding and living interlogistics means taking up the new challenges – jointly with our customers – everywhere throughout the world.

With this insight, the S-Group® has managed to steadily extend the activities of automotive logistics since the end of 1995. Today, members of staff at home and abroad in Eastern Europe organise deliveries of the most varied components to the leading automotive manufacturers in Germany, within Europe and to and from overseas.

Complex logistic concepts are developed in consultation with all kinds of automotive manufacturers and their external suppliers, and geared up to the particular requirement profile concerned.

Both the procurement as well as the marketing logistics of the S-Group® is also controlled world-wide via the global networks CTN, PPL and FNC. The great extent of electronic networking between manufacturers, external suppliers and service providers enables the rapid data transfer of all data specific to consignments that are of significance to production planning.