About us

Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® is a registered word / figurative mark. It illustrates the wrap-up of the merits of various companies belonging to the S-Group® - for the benefit of our customers.

The S-Group® currently unites 350 colleagues both male and female, together generating approx. euro 130 mill. in sales per annum.

Schäfer & SIS Interlogistik® is decentrally organised in profit centres according to core activities. Efficiency is raised by teamwork and concentration on a specific core activity, which, in turn, the customer benefits from in the provision of optimised know-how.

In the last few decades, the S-Group® has evolved into an internationally prominent and reliable partner in all questions of logistics and freight forwarding management. We work in

  • Germany
  • Europe
  • Overseas.

We are: Tradition on new paths.

The medium-sized member companies of the S-Group® are owner-operated.