Multimodal transport

Isn't it reassuring to have an alternative?

What's meant here are alternatives in the form of combined freight transport as an extra to classical road transport.

Now you might be well asking yourself: A forwarding agent with a large motor pool who tries to bypass his own lorries/trucks? Not at all. A lorry/trunk remains as always an important and reliable factor, even in a multimodal logistic chain. It is a matter of meaningfully supplementing and integrating the various transport carriers in existing production and logistic chains. It's not a matter of "banning" lorries/trucks, which would represent a hopeless undertaking anyway.

What has been successfully practised with containerised overseas freight forwarding for many years, in the meantime representing a standard – i.e. the combination of different transport carriers – still frequently meets with certain scepticism amongst shippers focussing on European transportation.

A majority of European road routes can be reproduced in parallel via combined forwarding transportation. Apart from one-time transport ("spot deals"), this can, however, also be your regular services, such as, for example, deliveries to the company's own plant in Norway or the recurring purchase of goods from your long-standing supplier in Portugal.

Make good use of the potential of combined freight transport - for your European flow of goods as well!

Multimodal freight transportation. Sounds complicated? But it's not!

We organise your forwarding transport from A to Z with two or more different transport carriers. Depending on the actual requirements and route involved, we form for you the optimum combination of road, ocean-going vessel and/or inland navigation vessel/coastal motor vessel and/or rail.

Your goods are loaded into standardised, locked transport units, e.g. containers, swap bodies or articulated trailers. The greater part of the route is covered by ship or rail. Pre and post-road coverage is kept as short as possible. As a direct alternative to the 13.60 Mtr Tautliner lorry/truck, we offer you economic forwarding by the 45' HC pallet-wide container with 33 euro-pallet storing positions for different routes.

This saves costs, and the environment will thank you. Try it!

Let us mention here as examples trailer or container forwarding transport to England by ferry or through the tunnel, articulated trailers from Italy by rail to Germany or container transport from Hamburg/Rotterdam to St. Petersburg.