Merchandise management in trade and industry changes, often swiftly and globally.

This is why the companies in the S-Group® are members and partners, as well as associates in alliances, making the medium-sized logistic service providers global suppliers of all logistic goods and services. As is the case in our alliances CargoLine, CTN and FNC. This means that all logistic resources of large, even global alliances stand local industry in good stead.

Orders even in China or India and other countries are monitored, including with the SCM-System of the S-Group®. Transport control starts straightaway with the supplier and ends temporarily in a warehouse in order to distribute the goods from there, picked, where necessary repacked via the alliance networks of the S-Group®. Customs clearance systems round off importing and exporting the goods.

In the German/European network CargoLine, a great variety of value-added systems is offered, making modern interlogistics possible in merchandise management. The warehousing and distribution capacities of the S-Group® are also provided - project-linked - to facilitate special action by trade and industry.

Procurement as well as sales-oriented, the alliance-networks of the S-Group® work in Germany, in Europe and world-wide.