Iran transportation services

The S-Group® and Daryabar Co. Ltd
A partnership for smooth processing.

We have been working with Daryabar - synonym for extensive logistics in Iran - uninterruptedly for over 40 years.

No whether high-grade goods from Brazil, Germany, China or other countries of origin

  • by road via Bazargan
  • by rail through Turkey and CIS countries
  • by river boat via the Caspian Sea to Nowshahr or Bandar-e Anzali
  • by plane
  • or ocean-going vessels directly to Bandar Abbas, Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni and other outports or in transit via Dubai

have to be transported: The S-Group® solves this challenge on a daily basis with Daryabar.

Daryabar, the strongest partner in Iran

The founders of Daryabar started business operations in the port of Khorramshahr in 1948, which was the most important port at that time for Iran and the entire region of the Persian Golf. Today, Daryabar has offices in Teheran and other very significant industrial cities in Iran. This makes Daryabar a national logistics network.

S-Group® and Daryabar offer all services concerned with transportation,

international freight forwarding and logistics, comprising

  • complete and collective road shipment
  • sea freight and air freight
  • combined land-sea-land transport
  • transport by river boat
  • railway freight and chartering
  • container traffic
  • project freight forwarding, for example, for dismantled factory plants
  • customs clearance and warehousing